the It language: reading the body

You kept getting a weird vibe from this guy. He was saying things that didn’t sound like they should be coming from his mouth. You chalked it up to cultural differences or perhaps a bad lisp. Maybe his pet had just died. You’re probably reading too much into things.

But then again, maybe not. This documentary on body language starring George W. Bush, Churchill, Stalin and other influential men states that 93% of how we communicate is non-verbal. 93%! That’s higher than my GPA (way higher). Business leaders, people in power and law enforcement agencies know it’s easiest to lie using words. Hand gestures, facial expressions and other bodily cues take communication to a whole new level. Hence Joe the border guard staring you down while you mumble your replies like you’re on the Most Wanted list. Joe wants to read your body language, not turn you into a mute.

A friend of mine, Steph, kept insisting she wasn’t upset. But every time she smiled, her eyes looked empty, even feral at times. Turns out Steph had been undergoing depression, and embarked on a soul-searching Europe trip soon afterwards. Guys, your girlfriend: “I’m not mad.” Familiar scenario? She’s definitely mad! Steph and all those upset girlfriends don’t intend to lie. But in this crazy world, some people out there want you to believe falsehoods. Lies are told on a constant basis and it’s up to us to sort through the rubbish.

Watch people when they talk. You may notice some strange things, and it won’t be their Irish accent.


*Steph is a fictitious name, to maintain privacy.

*Irish accents are strange but only because they’re so endearing.


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