i guess i’ll put out, i’ve seen you twice already

Don’t before the 3rd date.

This is a classic rule that some females religiously follow. Don’t have sex with the guy until the 3rd date. We want him to become captivated with our delightful personality. Enchant him with our allure and mystique before allowing entrance into the only temple that all (straight) men still want to enter–provided they aren’t entering other temples elsewhere.

The problem is, most guys are aware of this rule. You make him wait a couple weekends in anticipation of the Big Night. He knows it’s coming up, and is planning on plying you with booze to make sure he isn’t disappointed. You succumb to his advances after a handful of Blue Hawaiians, confident in your pre-emptive strategizing. After all, you waited until the 3rd date. Now that the cat’s out of the bag, you can perhaps plan a couples’ getaway. Sexual intimacy takes the relationship to the next level, right? He called you beautiful just yesterday!

Wrong. After a week, your smartphone doesn’t vibrate very often. No call in days. Sound familiar? You start getting the sinking feeling that he’s become yet another bedpost notch that didn’t get etched deep enough. You drunk message him or even drunk dial after a rowdy girls’ night–even a bootycall would suffice. Your dignity is in shreds.

male deterrence

weeding out the commitment-phobic since 1969

The moral of this story is, THERE’S NO MAGIC NUMBER. Making him wait 3 or 30 dates is still rubbish if your focus is on sex with him. Focus on yourself first.

3 is an arbitrary number that was probably chosen by a guy to guarantee other guys a surefire Big Night. Unless you are so out of his league that you issue pity-sex dates, don’t give in to your own libido until you can’t help it. And when you can’t help it, go read 50 Shades of Grey. By yourself.



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