i’m dating your credit card

Some of us know how to wring guys dry until we draw blood. These poor chumps go into overdraft to afford our meals, show passes, oil changes, latest teacup monstrosity. We throw fits if they deny us access to their hard-earned money.

Alright, maybe I just made that up. That sounds crazy right? Stuff like that doesn’t actually happen in real life (there’s a Pandora’s box full of East meets West cultural dating differences that we aren’t exploring).

Wrong. My friend, Allan, consistently paid for his girlfriend’s tanning, dye jobs, mani-pedi’s–it had gotten to the point where it wasn’t just empty money spent–he would wait the excruciating four hours for her streaks to set in. They’ve broken up since, after two years of unrelenting wallet abuse. Allan was a gentleman from beginning to end. Could he be faulted for that? Some women out there would brave Walmart grand openings for that kind of treatment.

How can we prevent these disheartening tales from manifesting? I’m not saying every female out there is a bloodsucking diva. Many women healthily and considerately invest time, emotions and money into their love life. But once you get a taste of diva treatment, it’s hard to give that up. Having all of your needs taken care of is honestly quite pleasant. It’s so pleasing that you may forget that this credit card owner is also a human being that needs to be shown caring as well. So go pick up the tab, show him some love back. And if you do already–you rock.

Beauty gets old fast when it’s strictly on the outside. Stay Pretty.

this is a diva

buy me shoes, and a cute toddler


Allan is a fictional name.


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