circular logic

basic love economics: screw your sunk costs

“But we’ve been together for X number of years… I can’t throw that away.”

I’ve heard this a billion times. I usually want to slap the person senseless. This statement is terrifyingly untrue. Anyone who’s been exposed to ultra-basic economics will know about the Sunk Cost. Love is just so irrational.. damn you love!

Sunk Cost: a cost that you have already incurred and that you cannot recover.  –

BAM. Cannot. Recover.

Giving him more time? Your man still won’t somehow rewind into yesteryear’s Edward Cullen to your faithful Bella. Staying with someone because you’ve been staying with him is circular bunk.  Soon you might catch yourself identifying with victims of the Stockholm syndrome!

It’s bewildering to think about your relationship in terms of what it isn’t. But making decisions based on nostalgia for what is forever irretrievable makes even less sense.

So your significant other that’s been at your side forever? He isn’t yours to have. ‘Having’ a long-term relationship and ‘having’ a boyfriend is pure delusion. All you have is yourself–and that’s who you need to love the most.

Stay Pretty. and Smart.

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